Opening of the first hydrogen refuelling station of H2Benelux: Shell Den-Ruygenhoek Oost

On 13 October 2020, Shell has opened its first hydrogen refuelling in the Netherlands, station at its highway forecourt at Den Ruygenhoek-Oost. This hydrogen refuelling station has some unique features. It is the first hydrogen refuelling station in the Netherlands that is located directly at a highway (A4/E19 (exit 3-4), near Hoofddorp, direction towards Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol) and it is also the first hydrogen refuelling station in the Netherlands at which the hydrogen refuelling dispenser is located among the dispensers for traditional fuels. Users of hydrogen vehicles will therefore have a similar refuelling experience as users of other fuel vehicles.

The Shell hydrogen refuelling station at Den Ruygenhoek-Oost is the first of eight hydrogen refuelling stations (3 Shell, 3 Colruyt, 2 PitPoint/Total) that will be operated as part of the Connecting Europe Facility H2Benelux project.

The news item of Shell regarding its hydrogen refuelling station can be found here: